Mandarina Duck, 

The Mandaring concept has been conceived to update the image of the Mandarina Duck shops worldwide. It is a modular furniture system which has been developed with the aim of creating a compact and adaptable structure. The new shop is a challenging translation of the brand principles into an engaging environment, working as a sales and communication tool and ensuring its immediate identification and distinction in any context.

Dynamism, cohesion and focusing on the products are at the centre of the concept in which colours, materialsand forms are designed to stimulate the perception of the consumer.

 To enter the interior of the new Agency it is necessary to pass through the display windows that become a transition zone defined by a translucent screen that allows direct views of the inside only through the transparent cut in the shape of the “duck” icon logo.

The Mandaring kit is composed of several serial elements that can be opportunely combined. According to the store’s size and shape, the shop could have one, two or three rings.