Circuit Box


Circuit Box is a concept for a minimal dwelling conceived as a possible answer to the continuous reduction of inhabited space. It consists of a compact system that contains a multifunctional furnishing system equipped with all the necessary elements for contemporary living in a very small space.

CircuitBox won a competition organized by the Italian Trade Commission and its prototype was built at the Tokyo Designer’s Week 2004. CircuitBox is composed of a series of nested rings gradually decreasing in size and hanging from a rail system along which they slide, passing one through the other. The larger ring serves as a container for the other rings and has been anchored to a wall like an electric plug.

The movable rings may be combined and gathered, enabling an extremely adaptable and dynamic situation, leaving the maximum freedom of choice between the multiple possible arrangements. By extracting, placing and arranging rings opportunely, the ambience can be transformed for several uses, answering the needs of a minimal living at any time.

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